Malhaar Festival
Start Date:   08/07/2012   End Date:   10/07/2012   Time:   06:30 pm
Venue Detail : Kamani Auditorium
Copernicus Marg
New Delhi, Delhi,
Zipcode: 110001,
Description : The Raga Malhaar is a powerful legendary raga in Indian classical music. Raga Malhaar is associated with the atmosphere of torrential rains.

When the leaves unfolds their vanity and soil unwraps its soul to welcome those hundreds and millions of droplets then you know that Monsoon is here. The sprinkling shower, the fragrance of damp earth and majestic splendor of nature announces the arrival of monsoon and inspire uplifting moods and emotions. Fascinatingly, these moods of monsoon have found evocative sophisticated expression in the melodies of Raag MALHAAR.

Legends state that, Malhaar is so powerful that when sung, rain falls from the sky. The raga Malhaar is equated with the rainy season in most texts, though also represented in some as a wandering ascetic. Many great artists of medieval period and much earlier period used to sing this raga, Tansen, Baiju Bawra, Baba Ramdas, Nayak Charju, Miyan Bakhshu, Tantarang, Tanras Khan, Bilas Khan (son of Tansen), Hammer Sen, Surat Sen, and Meera are among the singers who are said to have been capable of starting rains using various kinds of Raga Malhaar.

Padmabhushan Pandit Debu Choudhuri- Sitar

Pt. Sandeeep Das- Tabla

Padmabhushan ...

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