Spanda and Solo Dance
Start Date:   27/08/2011   End Date:   27/08/2011   Time:   7pm
Venue Detail : NCPA Complex, Nariman Point Mumbai
Jamshed Bhabha Auditorium (NCPA) NCPA Complex, Nariman Point Mumbai:-400021
Mumbai, Maharashtra,
Zipcode: 400021,
Phone : 022 22824567
Description : Spanda and solo by Leela Samson - Dance Performance. 'Spanda', 'a vibration' is symbolic of the enduring and perpetual energy that is the life force of the universe. The rediscovery of the basic movements of Bharatanatyam and the need for a reinterpretation of its traditional vocabulary challenges Spanda. Spanda seeks to establish a more relevant dialogue between dance, music and stagecraft.'Spanda-Matrika' reduces movement to its essence. It is a journey inwards seeking the essential 'centre', the origin of movement and its source of strength through the adavus of the bharatanatyam style.Spanda Matrika is based on the Panchajatis: chatushram, tishram, mishram, khandam and sankeernam.
Composer: O.S.Arun
Who would breathe, who would live,
If there were not this bliss in space'
Aakash attempts an exploration of the concept of space. Using slokas from the Vedas, the dancer discovers it, explores it, celebrates it - through movement.
Composer: Madhup Mudgal
'Charishnu' is indicative of the intent or desire to move. It is an expression of the joy of 'journeying'. Making use of the nadais, Charishnu simply enjoys what it is doing.
Composer: Madhup Mudgal and sung by the choir of Gandharva
The choreography for Spanda is by Leela Samson.

Padmabhushan Pandit Debu Choudhuri- Sitar

Pt. Sandeeep Das- Tabla

Padmabhushan ...

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